Ethiopia Red Cherry

Ethiopia Red Cherry


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Origin Ethiopia
Region Sidamo
Elevation 1700 – 2000 MASL
Harvest September – February
Processing Sun Dried, Natural
Profile Juicy, red apple acidity with big, ripe fruit aromas.Red grape, orange, red berries, black tea, wine and a hint of cherry.
Acidity Pleasant acidity at entry but disappearing at end leaving pleasant fragrant note.
Roast Level is required
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Widely acknowledged as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is highly respected in the specialty coffee industry. Beans from this nation are a staple on coffee shop menus around the world. Ethiopia’s coffee-producing regions are hugely varied, with cup profiles that differ dramatically among each region, micro-region, or even farm. But many are exceptional Arabicas that will have you asking for more. Sidamo is one of three trademarked coffee regions in Ethiopia. It’s 1,600 to 2,200 MASL and has ample rainfall, optimum temperatures, and fertile soil. Sidamo coffees are known for their rich, full body, fruity, vibrant acidity, floral and citrus notes.This remarkable Natural processed lot comes from ‘Operation Cherry Red’ project. This cherries are from within the Ethiopian region of Sidamo. Grown by small holder farmers who each typically have about 0.5 hectares, and deliver their coffee to privately run mills. This coffee is farmed at mean altitudes of around 1950 masl. Red Cherry coffee farmers are paid a premium to produce exceptional coffees by sorting the best ripe red cherries and taking diligent care during drying. These premiums are paid back into the farmer groups through investing into drying beds, cooperative tools and some pulping equipment.

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