Indian Malabar Monsoon

Indian Malabar Monsoon


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Region Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India
Growing Altitude 1400m meters above sea level
Milling Process Monsoon Process starts in June/July and is usually completed by the end of October.
Profile High flavor, smoky, tobacco, leather, treacle, toffee and long chocolaty with spicy notes going on at the same time.
Body Super bold, intense, thick
Acidity Exceptionally Low


Roast Level is required
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A complex-flavored coffee grown in India and produced by leaving dry processed (unwashed; natural) coffee beans out in large, open-roof Malabar is often well regarded as being perfect for that typically classic Italian style espresso experience due to the thick, viscous body and the incredibly low acid. The difference between the Monsoon Malabar and general Italian style coffees is that the Monsoon Malabar is 100% arabica whereas most, if not all Italian style coffees contain varying amounts of robusta (we are not suggesting for one moment that robusta is either good or bad in a coffee – our personal opinion is we don’t like robusta for it’s harsh tones, it brings a coffee down instead of lifting it up) Strong, intense, low acid, tons silos or open warehouses during India’s monsoon winds to season the beans stored in open warehouses for up to 3-4 months – this is done to reduce the coffee’s acidity and enhance its body. Monsoon of syrupy chocolate and dark cocoa tones. It’s a complex coffee with spices and all sorts of things going on at the same time. It is a medium-dark roasted bean just on the lighter edge of the first snaps in second crack – although visual appearance would lead you to believe it’s a light roast but please don’t be fooled. The reason the roasted Monsoon Malabar displays as a lighter shade of brown is due to the starting colour in the raw state – it’s faded yellow instead of dark green and therefore when roasted, because it’s been stripped of moisture and some oils in the monsooning process, it’s only every going to appear as a medium coloured brown, never dark. Monsoon Malabar coffee can require 14 days rest post-roast – it continues to develop for weeks and weeks after roasting. Whilst that rest period is a guide only, it’s possible to start using the coffee before the 14 day rest period, it’s just that the full flavors will not have fully developed, the coffee will be very gassy with a tendency for non-persistent crema and it may be difficult to grind without particles spraying everywhere..

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